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For TV, radio, cinema, and YouTube pre-rolls etc

Based on duration of the entire commercial: 

  • Any commercial which duration is equal to or less than 20 seconds, a flat rate of RM400. 

  • Any commercial which duration is more than 20 seconds, RM20 per second. 
    For example, 30-second commercial is RM600. 

  • Additional Roles – No additional charges. Rate will be based on entire duration of commercial.

  • Recycled Commercials (Ads re-used without changes after 12months from recording date) – 100% surcharge for additional 12 months.

  • Buy Out (ads with unlimited lifetime usage license) – up to 10 times of duration costs.

  • Commercial produced for use on multiple mediums (Radio/TV/Web…etc) – No additional charges.

  • Cut-downs – Full payment according to specified duration of “cut-down” commercial.
    For example, "cut-down" commercial from a 30-second to a 15-second, total charges will be RM600 plus RM400. 

** Voiceover usage license is valid for up to 1 year from the date which the recording was completed. **

  1. 50% of the payment according to specified cost of the original commercial

  2. For long-format (documentaries/infomercials/corporate videos/animations)
    a. Less than 7 lines – RM300 (Flat rate)
    b. 7 lines or more – Charges as shown in (1)


This category includes but not limited to corporate videos, marketing videos, launching videos, promotional videos, and documentaries, NOT for commercial use. 

  • 1st to 5th minute - RM700 (Flat Rate)

  • 6th to 10th minute - RM100 per minute or part of per minute

  • 11th minute and onwards - RM50 per minute or part of per minute


For English/BM -
Font Type: Times New Roman, Size: 12 (Max 40 lines per page)


For Mandarin/Cantonese -
Font: 楷體/仿宋體, Size: 13

1st page - RM500

Subsequent pages - RM150 per page


Should assignments cover a large number of recordings or run into a long term basis then a special package fee can be considered.


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Home studio recording service provided: 

RM150 / per recording -
VO recording and editing (no visuals)

RM100 / per re-recording - 

VO recording and editing (no visuals)

VO files will be given in WAV or MP3 format

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